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Who Are We


NodeX Emperor (opens in a new tab) is not just validators; we're like friendly guides. Located in the beautiful landscape of Indonesia, we're ready to show you how we work, introduce our amazing team, and share our history of doing things really well in the blockchain world. Our primary goal is to empower you with the essential tools and knowledge needed for seamless node operations.

Although we're relatively new in this field, we have over 2+ years of experience and served less than 2,000 delegators. Our commitment is to foster trust and consistency. Ensuring uptime is our priority, using dedicated servers globally, backed by multiple 24/7 alert systems and supported remote signing solutions. While performing validations across more than 35+ PoS networks, our main focus is to provide a reliable service.

We stand out by providing public infrastructure such as public node endpoints and running IBC relays across multiple chains, while prioritizing responsible governance and enthusiastic community engagement. Our dedication to the projects we validate includes creating documentation and services for fellow validators, strengthening infrastructure security through manual as well as automated settings.

Network Infrastructure

NodeX Emperor (opens in a new tab) latest architecture update moves away from TMKMS to a more robust threshold signature system called horcrux. This change ensures additional security, addresses offline node issues, and minimizes accidental double signing. This involved transitioning from four to three nodes, using WireGuard mesh-VPN and direct server connection to the P2P network. Our setup goes through strict security protocols such as no key reuse and the use of hardware wallets to enhance security.


Moreover, we rigorously maintain all our P2P services, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Each of our P2P services is exclusively hosted on dedicated bare-metal servers for optimal operational efficiency.